M3 Security Consultants was founded in 2017 on the back of 30 years of extensive experience in surveillance and electronic technology.   With cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art 24/7 operations monitoring at our finger tips,  M3 Security Consultants  provides sophisticated security systems for homes, offices and body corporates. We understand that every customer is different and has their own unique security concerns and needs.  Because of this, M3 Security Consultants does not offer a generic, pre-packaged service.  Instead we use our lifetime experience and industry specific knowledge to provide creative and sometimes unique solutions, tailored to each individual customer.

We understand that protection of our greatest treasurers is of paramount importance.  That is why all our staff take your concerns seriously and will work with you to provide the highest level security surveillance solutions, at affordable prices, specific to your individual needs.

Servicing metropolitan Victoria M3 Security Consultants takes pride in providing ongoing reliable, quality service and innovative products to all our customers.  With surveillance operations ranging from 24/7 around the clock, after hours, external or internal access, short term or permanent operations.  We put security back in your control.

​​M3 Security Consultants was founded from a need to be protected regardless of size or focus.  We aim to grow our reputation through the quality, tailored and innovative solutions that we provide to our customers.