Alarm Systems – Security for your Business

We know that finding a suitable alarm system for your business to prevent loss and theft is important – at M3 Security we are able to provide you with a solution which is customisable for your home at an affordable price.

We are able to deliver to you an alarm system that suits you and your business.

Bosch Solution 6000 – The Smart System for your business

It comes standard with 16 alarm zones (hardwired, wireless or a combination of both), making it ideal for securing your home but it can be expanded to up to 144 zones for homes that require a comprehensive high security installation.


  • Integrated access and alarm
  • 16 access doors or LAN readers
  • Up to 144 zones & 256 users
  • Full text menu display for programming & user control
  • Proximity, biometric and external readers, with external keypad options
  • Supported communication formats include Conettix IP, GSM, SMS, Email, CID, GPRS, CSV
  • IP, SIA 3+ Text, Voice and Domestic Dial
  • SMS via Bosch GSM & SMS panel control ie. arm, disarm
  • Up to 37 outputs available with one on-board dedicated relay programmed for roller doors


The Bosch 6000 can be programmed to manage 144 zones that can be divided into 8 separately controlled areas. The 144 fully programmable intrusion zones can support sensors fitted to doors and windows, motion sensors and smoke detectors. When events are detected, the Bosch 6000 can sound sirens, transmit events to your monitoring service provider and activate lights, providing security you can rely on 24 hours a day.

Your Bosch 6000 can store up to 1000 events ie. arm/disarm functions and door access reports for each user, which can be viewed from the keypad by the master user. This way you can monitor the movements of your staff daily if required.

With 5 on-board outputs (expandable to 37), and one already preprogrammed for a roller shutter or garage door, your Bosch 6000 can cater for all your building automation requirements, including lighting, air conditioning, irrigation – just about anything that is controlled via a switch and can be programmed.


Ideal for use in:

  • Duplexes
  • Small commercial properties, including home businesses